Sunday, 13 January 2013

Bird Swallowing Fish

This is Henri Gaudier Brzeska's sculpture, Bird Swallowing Fish, from 1914, one of his most iconic sculptures.

 (c) Tate

In fact, here's the chap himself with the sculpture, looking very arty and very very young (he was killed at only 23).

 Henri Gaudier-Brzeska with 'Bird Swallowing Fish' in Kettle's Yard, University of Cambridge, 1914 
(b/w photo), English Photographer, (20th century) / Private Collection / The Bridgeman Art Library 

Here's something completely different.  This is a Minton-style majolica teapot from around 1890, showing that the Victorians had a quirky sense of humour. 

Take a look at the teapot.  

Look at the accentuated round eyes, 

the splayed tail of the little fish being swallowed, 

the beak-like mouth of the big fish, 

and the angle of the spout (formed by the little fish's tail).  

Then take a look at the Gaudier Brzeska sculpture.

I wonder if his mum ever had a funny majolica teapot...?

(Read more about Gaudier Brzeska's sculptures here and here.)

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