Saturday, 5 January 2013

One Year On

It's now almost a year since I first started my blog, with a 'Janus' post that looked back over the previous year, and forward to the new one.  So perhaps that might be a good way to start 2013.

The aim of the blog was to start up a dialogue with the loyal band of people out there who are so enthusiastic and supportive about my paintings.  But it's also a way of me recording aspects of my working practice, and of formalising ideas about favourite paintings, exhibitions that I visit, places that I go to, and generally all the big smooshy patchwork of things that go into making my paintings the way that they are.

Looking back, I guess the stats for the blog are very, very modest in the great scheme of things, but in the manner of a proud mother I can tell you that in a year I have had nearly 60,000 hits, and have gathered together a merry band of 17 followers (hullo and welcome - you know who you are!).  

The top blog, it turns out,  was SKYFALL AND THE PAINTING IN MALLORY'S OFFICE, which caused a stir on and huge surge in hits! 


I've done a lot of travelling in 2012 - Cornwall, Morar, Northern Ireland, and all round Britain for work, and drove to Hungary for the weekend in the mini for pleasure.  The way you do.

Cornwall - murky....

A mini adventure

I exhibited in Sweden, and had a sell-out solo show in London, which was very exciting.

Looking forward, coming up very soon in 2013 are the Beecher's Brooks of the first major art fairs of the year, my big solo show, and no doubt an awful lot more travelling!  And on the mini front is the Monte Carlo Rally, which starts in Glasgow on January 26th (worried about that raised platform start already...).

So thank you to everyone for reading.   I very much appreciate all your support. I hope there's lots more of interest to everyone over the year to come.  

And if there's anything you want to ask me or read an article about, then don't be shy,  let me know.  Go to my website for my email address HERE.

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