Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Monte Carlo Rally!!

Just got my Final Instructions for Saturday's Rallye Monte Carlo Historique Heritage Run.

Yes that's right.  THE Monte Carlo Rally!!

Me and my humble Mini City will be starting from the historic starting ramp in Glasgow

sadly not the whole route to France

but on the slightly shorter Heritage Run.  

I'm just hoping I don't crack the exhaust/stall the car /drive off the edge of the ramp into the crowd, or some similar comedy mishap.  After all, I did manage to lose my way during the Guinness World Record attempt for "Longest Line of Minis Driving in a Line" in Lelystad in 2008.  (We still got the record, so it just goes to show you how slack those Guinness folk are.)

If you want to come along to see the cars in Glasgow, then there's more info HERE. 

I'll be leaving towards the end in car 376. 
Read how it went HERE.

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