Friday, 22 November 2013

Sculpture Class....

Back at my sculpture class, it was all going well for my 'wave' piece.  It's a metal armiture in a herculite base, with chicken wire covered in plaster bandage and herculite making up the wave form.

When it dried, I was pretty pleased with the general shape.

However, once I started painting and staining it, it all went a bit wrong.

There's various colours of ink, wax and some aluminium leaf in there. 

It's meant to look reminiscent of a piece of seaweed, and the shape's really pleasing.  But it didn't turn out how I expected at all.  It looked awful.  So I kept on working in it, rubbing it back and waxing.

The problems came with the inside facet of the scupture.  What to do with that?  It was all looking as if this was some sort of piece of army-issue camouflage art.  Yuk.

Then my tutor suggested using the towel that I was leaning on to line the inside.  Suddenly, it all came together...


So next week, making a towel out of latex...


  1. I loved reading/looking at this! It's wonderful to experiment with 3D and I love the look of what you are doing! Given the wonderful sculptural dimension to your painting I am not surprised to see you experimenting in this way! Looking forward to seeing what else happens!

    1. Thank you!

      I love doing the sculpture class, even if the results are extremely variable! It's good to be introduced to a whole range of different materials, and to learn about new techniques and new ways of thinking about artistic problems. As you say, I love the textural aspect of oil paint, and so this is a great way of exploring textures and materials, and about having the freedom to just play around with things and see where it goes.