Friday, 22 November 2013

Standing Room Only in the Studio...

Because of all the work for my London show that's currently in the studio all at once, things are getting a little crowded...  and there's still more to paint!

Currently, the paintings are drying before going off to the framers in groups to get set into their bespoke gilded frames.  Then they'll come back to get labelled and wrapped.  After that, they get loaded up into the art carrier's van and then off they go on their 500 mile journey southwards.

The next time I see them, they'll either be hanging in the Business and Design Centre in Islington, or hanging on the walls of the gallery in St James's when I go along to my preview in February.


  1. BEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS!!!! You are so talented wish I could afford one !!

  2. Thank you Joanne! That's very kind of you.

    I'll send you a catalogue!