Saturday, 8 March 2014

Strange But True...

Now here's something I never thought I'd see.

Apparently, there's a place in the Far East which does reproductions of my paintings.  

That's right - there's a whole studio of artists out there, poised, ready and waiting to paint one of three of my paintings to your specifications.  Any size - and two different qualities ('high quality', or for a little more, 'top quality').  And, you'll be pleased to know, they guarantee they aren't poisonous.  Phew!


You can choose from three 'Bridgland' paintings.

Here's 'Abstract Decorative Landscape'

or you can have 'Abstract Decorative Landscape'

or why not ring the changes with 'Abstract Decorative Landscape'.

Now, not only have I not given permission for any of these shenanigans, but - two of the 'Bridgland' paintings aren't even by me!!  

However, it has given me an idea for my next show. 

I could put in an order for 50 versions of my painting, done by different painters, in different sizes and different qualities.  Then I just sit back, put my feet up, wait for them to arrive, and hey presto - one conceptual show.  

In fact, I can just outsource anything in future.  What have I been thinking of, painting it all myself...??  What an idiot...

PS The first two paintings are in fact by Eleanor McGowan.  Only the bottom one is mine, and is called 'Fields near Fintry'.


  1. Mmmm, one needs a sense of humour with this type of thing! I don't think I would like it very much!

  2. Yes, well I'd agree with you there, Jenny!