Thursday, 7 January 2016

Time to Say Goodbye... the Christmas decorations for another year.

Here's one of my favourites - it's my carved wooden Bear Paddling a Fish Canoe, which I bought years ago, possibly in Canada.

Doesn't get much more traditional than that, eh?

Actually, it's quite sweet, as I think it's meant to be a brown trout.


Which is presumably what the bear would normally eat (except this time he's hollowed it out and is going for a paddle in it). So it's not just a random fish.  This has actually been made by someone who knows what they're doing - look at the mouth, and the double line of the gills, and the shape and position of the fins, the stubby tail.  And it's a canoe!  For a bear!!  As a Christmas decoration!!!

I just love it.

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