Thursday, 1 March 2012

Green Park, Autumn

This is one of my paintings currently on exhibition in London.

Green Park, Autumn (Oil on linen, 24 x 26)

I was in London in November last year, and had just been to see the Degas exhibition at the Royal Academy with a friend.  Green Park Underground Station was closed, so we had to walk across Green Park to another station in order to continue our journey.

What was initially an irksome inconvenience turned out in fact to be a very fortuitous change of plan.  It was a beautiful late autumn day with a clear blue sky, just right for a stroll in the park, and the ground was carpeted with the wonderful reds, oranges and yellows of the fallen autumn leaves.  

It was a lovely peaceful oasis in the city, and the most amazing burst of colour.  I had my camera in my bag, as always, and started to take photographs.

Small Dog, Green Park (Oil on linen, 24 x 26)

I loved the colours in the park, and the shapes of the trees and the patterns of the shadows, but the paintings that I did later back at the studio from those photos were about more than just that - they were also about a lovely, special day in London, and the joy of an unexpected gift of an autumn walk in the park.

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