Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sculpture completed...

Thought you might like to have a look at the sculpture that I finished at Art School last night.

You might remember that this involved casting myself in plaster using a large sheet of hessian and a lot of clingfilm (not pleasant), and that it originally liked like the Grim Reaper, which wasn't my intention at all.  This is how it began...

However, with the addition of a proper armature, inner plaster core section, and following a lot of work refining the surface and some finishing touches, here it is.

Not the most scenic of surroundings - it is a casting workshop - but you get the idea.  

The piece has flowers and butterflies bursting out from inside the inner folds of the garment.

The butterflies are on wires, so that they move.

I then had a battle on my hands to wrap the thing up and get it back to the studio - at 6 foot tall, and heavier than a small planet, it wasn't the easiest item I've ever had to transport.  However, with the help of my tutor, the rest of the class, and some sheer brute force, I managed to wrestle it into submission!


  1. the grim reaper with flowers all ready for the victim!!!

  2. Well, it's not doing much reaping in my garage at the moment!!