Monday, 12 March 2012

Last week of 'Between Tides'

It's the final week of my exhibition in London. 

It's always a big thrill to have a show in the capital, and it's rather sad that it's nearly over, with no more solo shows until 2013.  That seems such a long time away!

Against all the current economic odds, the show has pretty much been a complete sell-out, which is fantastic news.  Especially popular have been paintings of the west coast of Scotland with the white sands around Morar, the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland, and autumn trees at Green Park in London.  

All the work is still on display in the gallery, and there are still a few are available for sale, including this one.

Curve of White Sand, Morar (Oil on linen 24 x 26)

'Curve of White Sand, Morar' was painted at the beach at Camusdarach on the 'Road to the Isles'.  From the amazing pink and white sands, you can see right out to the islands of Rhum, Eigg and Skye.  Because of the pale sands underneath reflecting the light, the sea is the most amazing colours of  green and turquoise as it rolls in over the beach.  It's an amazing place to be, and one which has a great sense of freshness and openness.  There's usually hardly anyone else around on the beach.

It's great to have had such a wonderful response to the show.  Perhaps the Hockney exhibition up the road from the gallery has had a positive influence on people's appreciation of brightly-coloured landscapes!

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