Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A Very Special Present

One of the pleasures of being an artist is to hear what happens to your paintings after they are sold, especially if that painting has been purchased for a special occasion.

This week, I was very kindly kindly contacted by the purchaser of Paths Meeting, Hampstead Heath, a lovely little autumn painting of one of London's prettiest open spaces.

Paths Meeting, Hampstead Heath (Oil on linen, 12 x 12)

I was told that the painting had been bought as a gift for headmistress Mrs Robyn Allsopp, who is retiring after 35 years of teaching at their school which is situated in Hampstead in north London.  The subject of the picture is therefore a very apt reminder.

Here is a delighted Mrs Allsopp with her retirement present.

It's a real thrill to hear that my painting has been chosen for something so special, and will give such a lot of pleasure.  It's now going to be heading off with Mrs Allsopp to Brisbane, where I hope that it is a lovely reminder of her years in London.

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