Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year Trifle!

Just putting the finishing touches to the New Year Trifle, ready for tomorrow.  Raspberry and peach!

It was an epic fight, almost to the death, to get the ingredients in the supermarkets today, which is, of course traditional.  Hogmanay shopping isn't complete unless you've been mugged by a granny taking the bread of your basket in the stramash by the till in Morrisons.  For a while I thought it was going to have to be strawberry jelly, meringue nests and squirty cream for pudding, which just isn't right at all.

Following last year's sad demise of the trifle bowl - again, the holiday season wouldn't be complete without copious plate smashing, spontaneous combustion, a reasonable kitchen fire, a suicidal tree and/or a small explosion (all accidental) - this year the trifle has been carefully and reverently arranged in the new trifle bowl all the way from sunny Sheffield.  Not that Sheffield is known for its trifle bowls, but this one is 100 years old and is rather lovely fancy glass, and I got it in the Vintage Table Ware shop in Sharrow Vale, which is one of my favourite places.


This isn't mine - mine's a bit more messy!!

Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone, and enjoy your trifles!

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