Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Gorse by the Shore with Distant Houses, Morar

Here's a cheery painting that I've just completed, finishing off my consignment for September's 20/21st British Art Fair...

Gorse by the Shore with Distant Houses, Morar (Oil on linen, 24 x 26)

This year there was a huge amount of gorse in bloom when I visited the white sands at Morar, along with lots of bluebells and primroses.  

It's always good to find new things in familiar scenes, so when I found this profusion of evocatively-smelling cadmium yellow flowers at the side of the road, I immediately thought of the great painting that it would make.  And here it is.

I think it's turned out to be really cheerful and uplifting.  Smell the sea air and that coconutty scent!!

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