Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Red Azaleas in The Herald

I spotted this in The Herald newspaper on Saturday.  

It's my painting Red Azaleas, featured in the Style section of The Herald Magazine.

You can see it above the fireplace, and the flowers in the painting have been echoed by a floral display of pink and white lilies on the coffee table.

The painting has a canvas size of 32" x 32", so it's easy to see how it fits well into a contemporary home, providing an accent of colour.

And here's the painting itself, in case you can't quite make it out in the newspaper photo!

Judith I Bridgland, Red Azaleas, Oil on canvas 32 x 32

If you think that this painting would look just as good in your own home, then it so happens that there's a limited edition giclee print of this painting available.  The prints come in various sizes. 

To order, just go online at The Bay Attic or The Atholl Gallery.

Just to be a little different, there's also a companion print to this, Red Azaleas and Yellow Poppies, available through the same links.

Judith I Bridgland, Red Azaleas and Yellow Poppies, Oil on canvas 32 x 32

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