Sunday, 4 August 2013

Painting with Pixels

Here's a picture by David Hockney, whose work I've talked about I've talked about before in my blog here.

David Hockney, The Arrival of Spring

This is a work which the 76 year-old artist created using an i-Pad, and then has been blown up to a vast size. Pixels are used like paint.  An old dog learns new technological tricks in order to create.

Here's a picture by American artist Hal Lasko.

Looking Up, Hal Lasko

Making Mr Hockney look like a spring chicken, 98-year-old Mr Lasko, who is registered blind with wet macular degeneration,  made this using Microsoft Paint.  

Trained as a graphic designer, he took up creating with the computer in recent years when his sight began to go, and now works up to ten hours a day on pieces.

I'd like to see his work blown up to fifty feet long and put in the Royal Academy.

 Hal Lasko, Woods in Avon

Read more about Hal Lasko HERE.

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