Saturday, 7 April 2018

Yes at the London Palladium, Saturday 24th March 2018

Ok, we're into the last lap here, folks.  This is the Big Yes 50th Anniversary Weekend, and the Time They Played the London Palladium.  Wooh!

After a relatively easy trip down to London from Liverpool, and dinner on the rooftop terrace of the Karma Sanctum.   Which was of course frequented by Chris Squire. 

After drinks at the Palladium

it was off to the concert. Was it Firebird Suite or Young Person's Guide...?

You did get the sense that everything had been leading up to this.

Astoundingly, Steve was wearing a SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT SHIRT.
But still the same socks.

Jon is left handed, but plays the guitar right handed.

Jay and Billy share a joke.

Geoff rocked the brave leopard ensemble that had last seen the light at Bristol.

"Ecology!  Yeah!!  Let's go." said Steve, as his new, stripped-back, minimalist introduction to And You And I.  No kittens and whales for the Palladium.

You can see the mother of pearl fish on the fret here.

"Mouse One!  What happened to your fag..?!

Hang on, who's this?

Why, it's Special Guest, Trevor Horn, my nemesis from the Apollo in 1980.

Tempus Fugit indeed.


Steve smiles!

 A fabulous evening!  Tomorrow is a really big day with the Fan Convention.  

And what's the betting Steve uses the phrase 'Sunday night at the London Palladium" during the concert tomorrow...?

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